Fir Tree and Tinsel Fizzy Bee Bath Bomb

Buzzle Balm

$ 5.99

Buzzle Balm's Fir Tree and Tinsel Fizzy Bee Bath Bomb will transform your tub into a Christmas wonderland with a fragrantly effervescent Fir Tree scent and Bio-Degradable Cellulose Eco-Glitter. Your festive bathing escape is waiting! 

Ready your senses for our Fizzy Bee Bath Bombs: delightfully aromatic, with an ever-so-soothing and luxurious texture mixed with fizz-tacular sounds that will transport you to Bathtub Nirvana.  Enjoy! 

Wholesome, pure and natural; Buzzle Balm's Fizzy Bee Bath Bombs contain only the best ingredients, including Natural Baking Soda and Sweet Almond Oil to sooth and comfort your skin. 

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