What we stand for

Our Mission

Mini Bees LLC will create and produce only natural products made from ingredients of the highest quality, assuring our family of consumers will be satisfied, comforted and healed while enjoying our products. We are driven and committed to care for our customers, employees and partners as family and will give back to our local communities through our profits as well as through service-based projects.

Our Core Values & Vision

Mini Bees, LLC will grow and develop its mission by:

  • Using a responsible, caring, family approach in all our relationships with consumers, employees, partners and the environment
  • Practicing a sincere and genuine dedication to customer satisfaction and service
  • Offering a food-based product that creates comfort via smell and taste
  • Keeping our products and branding clean and simple so everyone will find a formula they love
  • Actively giving back to our local communities through company-lead service projects
  • Maintaining our commitment to ethical excellence in the creation, production and distribution of our products and in all business practices
  • Creating a light and whimsical user experience via innovative packaging and marketing
  • Focusing on having fun and finding joy each and every day