The Buzzle Balm Story

Do you know what you’re putting on your lips?

Chad and his daughter Risa, inventors of Buzzle BalmIn 2013 Chad and Michelle Minervini were driving their daughter to school. Chad glanced in the rearview mirror where he saw his daughter innocently licking a tube of store-bought lip balm. “Why are you doing that?” he asked her. His daughter responded, “Because I really like the taste.”

Unbeknownst to them, she was effectively eating many unnatural ingredients and chemicals.

Soon after, their six-year-old daughter took youthful initiative combined with her keen creativity and whipped up some homemade lip balms, after watching YouTube videos on the topic. Chad began to watch and then assist in the making of her homemade lip balms.

“Inspired by my daughter, I became interested in making a 100% all-natural lip balm that had a flavorful smell and taste, one that I would not mind my daughter using!”

The lip balms Chad and his daughter began working on contained simple and natural ingredients such as beeswax, essential oils, natural Butters and flavorings.

A high school teacher for the past 16 years, Chad began giving samples to students, fellow teachers and friends and soon enough had quite a demand for the product. He started trying out new flavor combinations and consistencies and thought, “I might just be on to something here.”

The dream becomes a reality

At the end of 2013, Chad applied to be on a popular reality TV show about startup businesses. The producers responded with interest, encouraging Chad to take more steps toward making his project a registered company. This is how Mini Bees, LLC was born.

In May of 2014, Mini Bees was officially incorporated and continued developing their formulas, branding their product and decided on “Buzzle Balm” as the first name for their lip balms. Mini Bees continued developing various product runs with the opportunity for online feedback taking place through the late Spring and Early summer of 2014 in various markets, receiving overwhelmingly positive praise for their lip balms.

Online sales began in December of 2014 and since, they have received orders from as far away as Australia and the Philippines.

In the early summer of 2015, Mini Bees began selling their lip balms at farmers markets around Connecticut and attended a number of Connecticut state fairs through the fall of 2015. Due to the increasing popularity and demand for his products, Chad recently "retired" from his 16-year career as a high school teacher to focus solely on the business – exciting times!

The Mini Bees Mission Statement

Mini Bees mission statement and practices are committed to the creation and production of pure and natural products made from ingredients of the highest quality, with the goals of assuring that their family of consumers will be satisfied, while enjoying their products. Owner Chad Minervini has always had a vision and commitment to customer, employee and partner care and has created "Bee for Others", the "service wing" of the Mini Bees company. Chad states: " We will treat all people as family and will serve our local communities through service-based projects that Mini Bees will sponsor and participate in, as well as giving a percentage of our monthly profits to organizations that are pledged to serving others".

All media or interview inquiries may be directed to Chad Minervini via phone (475) 202-9008 or email, Please call directly if you are interested in selling Buzzle Balm products at your retail store.